Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Stanley & Jeffrey Gottlieb Scholarship Award ~ "Connecting the Dots" ~ An essay by Chandlar Smith

Dear Families and Friends,

Chandlar Smith, sister to Keaton (NPC), Braden (NPC ~ 10/3/1996 - 10/31/2006) and Riley (NPC ~ 11/11/1998 - 01/19/2014), recently wrote an essay about how living with three Niemann-Pick Type C siblings has not only changed her life, but her outlook on it.

This essay was written for submission to the Stanley & Jeffrey Gottlieb Scholarship, and was awarded to Chandlar, who kindly allowed us to share her essay with you.

Visit the Newsline to view the PDF copy of the essay.

We congratulate Chandlar on her essay and wish her the very best in connecting her dots moving forward.

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